About Us

Dorthom Medi Dents Pvt Ltd is a manufacturing  and marketing  company of Dental materials, Orthodontic products,Surgical products, Household items, Industrial products etc., formed in 2004. Our Company is situated at Coimbatore, India. We aim to provide quality products at affordable rates. We have been manufacturing Orthodontic Products which includes Brackets, Buccal tubes, Lock pins, Band materials, Band box, Elastomerics, Intra oral latex elastics, Extra oral latex elastics, Separator elastics, Rubber Dam, Cheek retractors etc. 

We are also manufacturing Latex Household Hand Gloves, Latex Outdoor Hand Gloves, Latex Industrial Gloves, Latex Finger Caps, Latex Finger protectors, Latex Loom Bands etc.

Our Company is ISO 9001-2015 and CE certified.

Dorthom has recognized that our success depends on our customers. The tradition of quality and service remains the cornerstone of our business. Our competitive pricing allows our customers profitability to remain the focus. 

Dorthom selection of products will be expanded according to our customers feedback and request. We promise to give excellent value to our customers, anytime and all the time.